Jim Bryant—New Sunrises

Jim Bryant has mantle cell lymphoma—but he is not hopeless. Though, his diagnosis is terminal, Jim lives in the moment. Appreciating life to the fullest extent. UVA has given Jim a unique, personal treatment plan that is at the cutting edge of science and medicine. Moreover, UVA sees Jim as a person and not a patient.

Jonathan Brick—Lift

Jonathan Brick is a commercial airline pilot with a passion for aviation. When he discovered he had a serious heart condition he feared his time in the air had come to an abrupt end. But with help from the heart team at UVA he was able to find a treatment plan that would keep him flying.

Matthew’s Story

On April 8, 1998, the devastating tornado that moved through West Jefferson County took more than Matthew Seal’s ability to walk. Nathan, his oldest child, was the last person in Alabama to perish from the storm. Reeling from this tremendous loss, amid the wreckage, Matthew was able to find hope. Recognizing his need for help, Matthew reached out to Habitat for Humanity. This is his story.